MuralFest 2015
“Manifesting Our Future” Mural at 2015 MuralFest. Mural by David Ocelotl Garcia

MuralFest 2018

Meet the 2018 MuralFest muralists:

Thomas Evans
Steven Teller
Shay Davis
Pepe Gaka


MuralFest 2017

Meet the 2017 MuralFest muralists:
Bobby MaGee Lopez
Dan Toro

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MuralFest 2016

West Colfax MuralFest 2016 showcased 6 murals at Lamar Station Plaza (6501 W Colfax Avenue, Lakewood, CO 80214) and Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (1600 Pierce Street). The plaza is an active shopping destination home to two art galleries, an award-winning brewery, a newly dedicated public gathering place, and Casa Bonita, where weekend visitors to this nationally-known restaurant run in the thousands. Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design is a beautiful and historic campus one block north of the plaza. The large mural  on the west-facing wall of the ARC Thrift Store along Pierce Street is approximately 80ft. x 30ft. The 5 small murals are 16ft. x 8ft. The theme for 2016 MuralFest was “Reinvention”. From survival, transition and change to growth and transformation, we invited all artistic interpretations of the word reinvention.

Following are the six artists selected from hundreds of entries who created the outdoor murals as part of MuralFest 2016.
Caitlyn Shea
Michael “Birdcap” Roy
Richard L. Marks
Jennifer Mosquera
Daniel Chavez
Yulia Avgustinovich

MuralFest 2015

West Colfax MuralFest 2015 featured the seven winning mural concepts presented by juried artists from across the country who participated in our call for artists. Together these seven murals created an incredible outdoor art gallery all within one block. All seven murals were completed on August 8, 2015 during the first annual West Colfax MuralFest.

Mural Project #1 (pictured above) is 60’ x 24’ in dimension, painted on concrete block and located on the west-facing wall of the A & E Fine Woodworking building at 7175 16th Avenue, Lakewood 80214. Mural Projects #2 -#7 are 10’ x12’ in dimension, painted on metal garage doors (all within a block of the larger Mural Project #1).

Following are the seven artists selected from hundreds of entries who created the seven outdoor murals as part of MuralFest. Click the profiles below to view each artist’s mural from MuralFest 2015.
Daniel Chavez
David Ocelotl Garcia
Katy Casper Gevargis
Patrick McGregor
Jade Phillips
Victoriano Rivera
Sandy Toland