Check out our 2018 list of vendors!

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In addition to our murals, music and food, come enjoy our amazing lineup of exhibitors:

All Its Own | Homemade + Sustainable Goods + Home Decor

Cat’s Creations | Recycled Art + Jewelry

Corn Queen | Local artwork

CosmicMellen | Psychedelic Arts + Crafts

Crazy Glass Lady |

Denver Fashion Truck | Colorado Lifestyle Boutique

DoMo Arts Denver | Jewelry, Leather Goods + Gourds

Gina’s Kitchen Delights | Gluten and dairy free cottage bakery

Julie Kitzes | Original art

Kristen Cianna | Crochet, crafts, and paintings

Lauriana’s Jewels | Handmade jewelry

Liz Cohen Ceramics |

Local Universe | Sustainably made gifts

LuLaRoe Fashion Truck | Modern Line of Womens Clothing

Mama Africa Organic | Organic hot sauce

Morgan Halloran Studio | Painting and Sculptures

Reed Art & Imaging | Local artwork

Running Wolf Studio | Stained and Kiln Form Glass

Originals by Suzanne | Photography + Prints

Social B |

Sunshine’s Whimsy | Handmade Fiber Arts

Transitional Art | Painting and Metalsmith

Valkarie Gallery | Paintings, Prints, Book Sculpture + More

If you have exhibitor questions, please contact Judy Cybuch at 720-883-8132 or info@westcolfaxmuralfest.org.

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